The Establishment vs. Roy Moore




The day The MAGA Coalition Pac was created, it was predicated on uniting a force of everyday working Americans, to defeat an entrenched establishment.

We would all no longer be bound to archaic reasoning, resolutions, or relationships.

We asked for your hand in joining us to form an EVEN MORE perfect union.

We asked for your hearts in forming a cohesive bond behind our shared belief in America First.

And now today, we ask you for your minds in generating your very first campaign, using the energy only our bond can facilitate.

Why Alabama? Why Judge Roy Moore? Why it means so much? Why he must be seated?

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Roy Moore vs. The Washington D.C. Establishment: An Open Letter to Alabama Voters

An Open Letter to Alabama Voters,

BIRMINGHAM, Ala.Dec. 1, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — The eyes of the nation are upon you. December 12th vote will be a crucial test of honor, morality, justice and wisdom. As is often the case in politics, nothing will be black or white. There will be no “right” answer, no unequivocal fact, and no pundit, politician or personality who holds the moral high ground. Myself included.

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Adam Gingrich: A Call to Action


In light of Robert Mueller’s ill-advised attempts to conflate the pre-election and private activities of Paul Manafort and Rick Gates with the Trump campaign, there appears to be an urgent need for real and independent investigation of actual crimes committed in Washington D.C.

With half a year gone by, and a massive unchecked investigation by Mueller, not to mention a handful of congressional inquiries, nary a scintilla of evidence has been produced showing any collusion between the Trump campaign and, well, anyone. It’s absurd. It’s political theater and it’s undermining the functionality of our government.

Meanwhile, what do we actually know about the stunning infiltration of the Awan brothers and the DNC? Nothing. What do we know about the obvious pay-for-play scam that was the Clinton Foundation and Hillary’s use of it as Secretary of State? Nada. What do we know about the blatant collusion between the DNC and Clinton campaign with Fusion GPS, Christopher Steele and Russian agents? Almost nothing. How about the bribery, racketeering, and extortion involving the FBI and Obama administration that led to selling 20% of national uranium supply? Zilch. 33k missing emails? Comey exonerating Hillary before the investigation even really began…Loretta Lynch interfering and having secret talks with Bill Clinton on the tarmac…Obama officials unmasking the entire Trump campaign…the FBI abusing the FISA Courts to ascertain warrants based off a paid opposition research dossier filled with lies. All of it. What has been investigated? Nothing. It boggles the mind.

I am calling for Congress to execute their statutory authority to have a Special Counsel appointed to investigate all of the above “matters.” It is Congress’s responsibility to recognize its own inability to effectively investigate these issues without partisan interference. It’s time for an independent and apolitical investigation into these issues. Now that we know President Trump is innocent and uninvolved with any matters of illegality, let’s move on to the litany of other serious challenges to our democracy. Mueller can’t do it. Sessions won’t do it. So against all odds and historical performances, Congress must. And they must do so NOW!

Adam Gingrich
President – MAGA Coalition

Congratulations to Judge Roy Moore on Your Victory!

The MAGA Coalition extended a sincere congratulations to Judge Roy Moore on his decisive victory tonight.

MAGA Coalition Chief Strategist, Dr Sebastian Gorka, remarked that “Tonight’s victory for Judge Moore is a victory for President Trump and the MAGA Agenda we all voted for in November,” Gorka said, “The Establishment- both on Left AND Right – betrayed the sacred oath they made with the American people. It is time for change. Time to dismantle the D.C. Establishment. Judge Moore will be a frontline fighter for Donald Trump as we drain the Swamp together. Now let us together MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

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The MAGA Coalition Endorses Judge Roy Moore for Senate in Alabama

FAIRHOPE, ALABAMA. Tuesday, voters in Alabama will make a decision that will impact not only themselves, but the country as a whole. By making Judge Roy Moore the Republican Party nominee for US Senate, Alabama will take a stand. Could this be the first push our country needs to break the shackles of the establishment?

The MAGA Coalition stands with those who stand for this country. Judge Roy Moore has spent a lifetime fighting for his country, his faith and his beloved state of Alabama. Our endorsement was not requested, but we will give it nonetheless … Along with our admiration and respect.


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Dr. Sebastian Gorka Becomes the Chief Strategist for The MAGA Coalition

ALPHARETTA, GEORGIA: The MAGA Coalition is honored to announce that Dr. Sebastian Gorka, who since January served as Deputy Assistant and Strategist to President Donald Trump, has joined the Coalition as its Chief Strategist.



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