Congratulations to Judge Roy Moore on Your Victory!

The MAGA Coalition extended a sincere congratulations to Judge Roy Moore on his decisive victory tonight.

MAGA Coalition Chief Strategist, Dr Sebastian Gorka, remarked that “Tonight’s victory for Judge Moore is a victory for President Trump and the MAGA Agenda we all voted for in November,” Gorka said, “The Establishment- both on Left AND Right – betrayed the sacred oath they made with the American people. It is time for change. Time to dismantle the D.C. Establishment. Judge Moore will be a frontline fighter for Donald Trump as we drain the Swamp together. Now let us together MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

MAGA Coalition President, Adam Gingrich, issued a statement crediting Judge Moore’s tireless efforts to put his country first, “Roy Moore is the right man, at the right time, for Alabama and for the US Senate,” Gingrich noted, “We were proud to stand up and endorse Roy Moore in this race, it was in line with our mission to support candidates that will put this great country first again.”

The MAGA Coalition works to support candidates across this country who have a passion for putting America First again. We will provide a place for volunteers to empower themselves and engage the voters state by state to elect lawmakers who are committed to making this country great again.

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